USDA Complete Home Canning Guide, Circa 2006

With thanks to the National Center for Home Food Preservation – next to the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving, the USDA is pretty much THE source for info on safe home food preservation.  If it seems kind of, well, conservative?  Keep in mind the USDA is trying to keep people from poisoning themselves.  That must be some fun research – Hey Intern Billy!  Try this!  It’s probably safe! In all seriousness though, these guidelines were developed after the whole wartime push to grow and preserve your own foods resulted in a nationwide increase in botulism hospitalizations.  No joke.  So a thorough review, while not exactly required, is probably a good idea if you’re going to make canning a part of your usual kitchen routine.

From the NCHFPThere is no source for purchasing this USDA canning guide in print at this time.  USDA will soon be releasing a 2009 slightly revised version of this book found in the links below. Sometime in December 2009, we should be able to post information on where to buy the 2009 Complete Guide to Home Canning in print form.

So until then, enjoy the PDFs!

Guide 01: Principles of Home Canning
Guide 02: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Fruit and Fruit Products
Guide 03: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
Guide 04: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Vegetables and Vegetable Products
Guide 05: Preparing and Canning Poultry, Red Meats, and Seafood
Guide 06: Preparing and Canning Fermented Food and Pickled Vegetables
Guide 07: Preparing and Canning Jams and Jellies