I have no canning grandmother.  Actually, I have no relatives who can at all, to my knowledge.  I’m a native Angeleno, of the Pasadena variety, who has been blogging about seasonal harvests and local markets since 2004.  During that time, it made sense for me to learn how to can, since I usually bought more than I needed and couldn’t (still can’t) stand wasting good produce.

I’m an entirely self-taught canner-preserver-pickler who doesn’t have enough time or counter space to make “traditional” canning work.  I’ve had to improvise, compromise, and subdivide – all while adhering to the USDA.  And it has been a thoroughly satisfying and rewarding adventure with a few unexpected outcomes – namely this blog.

With the recent revival of the canning and preserving arts among the food conscious, the artisinal prone, and the generally broke, it made sense to chronicle my work. Why? Because it is work – fun work – but still, work. And it’s in a place where it might be helpful and easy to reference for both the new and experienced canner in a cramped kitchen who is looking to learn a new (and I think essential) kitchen art.

That’s The Urban Canner, and what I hope it will become – useful and relevant for the city-dwelling canner-in-waiting who needs some workarounds.

By day, I work in media relations.  By night, I’m a freelance food writer for the LA Weekly. I’ve been blogging, in general, since 2000 (back when I had to code my own HTML…ugh).  The food blogging started in 2004 with Tableau Vivante, a farmers’ market blog about the seasonal produce I came across here in Southern California’s many many markets.  In 2008, I put the brakes on TV and took a nice, long blogging sabbatical – like ya do.  Blogging’s biggest challenge is consistency, and I am constantly butting my head against it.  In 2009, I came back to it with More, please. Which might be how you came here.

If there is something you’d like to see here, pop me a comment.  And thanks for stopping by!

Also, everything on Urban Canner and More, please is…

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